It hits you instantly when you hear 15-year-old Abigale. Her tone comes from a different time and place. Not the voice of a trend or a moment in time. But rather a place of truth and honesty, filled with nuance and wisdom. So, it is little wonder the young singer/songwriter speaks of Dylan, Hank Williams and the Carter Family when asked of who inspires her as an artist.  Not that cute boys, pop songs, and Brett Young aren’t close to the top of her personal priority playlist. But, somehow Abigale is a recollection of things past and those yet to come.

So much has changed in one year for ABIGALE.  With the release of her EP Country True, she has entered a new phase of her career. From gigs at Supermarket and Dora Keough in Toronto to opening the Newfoundland Folk Festival to a headlining slot at The Gathering, it’s a whirlwind.


A singer/songwriter with deep roots in old school country music, ABIGALE has been honoured at the reception she has received. With management from Zack Werner and an EP featuring a member of Rawlins Cross and High Lonesome, she continues to stay focused on music first. Through the support of CBC, VOCM and KIXX FM, her fan base is growing daily. Spotify and internet radio has reached listeners across the country and internationally. 


Exciting times for ABIGALE from Hodge’s Cove NL.  Her feet are on the ground and she knows that it is all about great songs and entertaining people. Onward and upward.

Abigale started writing songs early but with the help of  Zack Werner and Greg Tobin as producers and mentors, the EP Country True has become a reality. “It’s important to me to tell good stories and sing about things I understand. I mean relationship songs are cool but I want to stay real. I also think it’s good to be a powerful girl in my music. So since my real life isn’t about falling in love all the time, Neither is my music”, says Abigale.  I want to show people who I am right now honestly”.  Country True is an exciting start to a career, 

everything old is new again. And great songs and unique tone never get old. It’s a long journey ahead but Abigale is loving every minute of the trip.