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Abigale is a Canadian singer & songwriter from the province of Newfoundland. At just 19-years-old, she is a MusicNL nominated artist and a 2024 Young Performer of The Year nominee at the Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Abigale's first album Country True, released in 2019, reached chart topping success as well as earned her place in Newfoundland's wide music scene. Abigale was all set for showcases and an exciting summer of festivals until the global pandemic put those plans on hold; still, she adapted and persevered.

Today is a brand new day. After a long period of building her crowd through videos and online performances, as well as, an in-person ECMA Showcase in Fredrickton, New Brunswick, she is back with her newest album, Different Roads. Long distance co-writing with Josh David, Darrell Power, Zack Werner and many others, she settled into the studio with multi-award-winning producer Jason Whelan and found herself a home.


"Your voice and getting a real understanding of the art you want to make can change so much as you grow up. I was 13 when I first started this first record. Now I think I am sort of a grown-up at 19 and feel much more myself".
- Abigale


Also, working with Nick Earle, Dan George, and Robert Kelly allowed her sound come to life and made for a truly inspiring piece of work forming from a time of uncertainty for the entertainment industry.

Abigale has relocated to Ontario for the present (her school days are not over yet!). However, she is hungry for the chance to write and record with new friends and new influences. Newfoundland is always in her heart but for now, she knows while likes and Tiktoks may drive one's career, art is driven by relationships and knowledge. 

Recently nominated for Young Performer of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards and with a Country Artist of The Year nomination from Music NL , Abigale's career is wide awake and she is ready to embrace it.

Look for her newest single, "Barely 17," out now on all streaming platforms!

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